The Rolling Stones- Dead Flowers (live 1972)

Poor old boring middle of the road me, posting the most famous touring band in the world on my tumblr.  And sure, I prefer the Townes Van Zandt version of this.  But it’s 4am and I should be working already, and need something up tempo and with drums.

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To tell a woman who is forty, ‘you look like sixteen,’ is boloney. The blarney way of saying it is ‘tell me how old you are, I should like to know at what age women are most beautiful.’ Archbishop Fulton Sheen in The Life of all Living (via wondrouspilgrim)
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You are in your body as a plant is in the earth yet you are yes the wind
—Maureen N. McLane, from “Peony.” Art: Giuseppe Castiglione.

Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe, 1953.

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