23/52: Job 33:28
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University of Virginia folk singers blend voices with the roar of the Potomac River 
National Geographic | November 1963
The soul of woman must therefore be expansive and open to all human beings; it must be quiet so that no small weak flame will be extinguished by stormy winds; warm so as not to benumb fragile buds; clear, so that no vermin will settle in dark corners and recesses; self-contained, so that no invasions from without can imperil the inner life; empty of self, in order that extraneous life may have room in it; finally, mistress of itself and also of its body, so that the entire person is readily at the disposal of every call. St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross (aka Edith Stein)
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Playing with watercolor and photography.

Dying flowers / taken inside the convent chapel in Valladolid, Mexico. 
(Photo: Brian Ferry)

Marilyn Monroe, 1958 | Submitted by Danny Gifford

Bette Davis

joanna fowles